The Goal Files Podcast is the number one coaching podcast for women ready to walk in purpose. It was created in July 2020 to help bring balance to the lives of women by providing them with the tools and resources needed to heal from past trauma and step into the fullness of purpose. Catch up on the podcast below. New episodes drop April 2, 2021!

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What To Do When The Goal Is Reached (Celebrating Every Step) The Goal Files

In this episode, I discuss what to do when the goal is reached (how to celebrate the goal). Check out the full episode to hear my testimony on reaching one of my very own goals at the end of April. Visit our website to sign up for our newsletter and received the free audio teaching, "How To Crush Your Goal Post Covid".  https://girlsanthem.biz  Ready to sign up for one-on-one coaching? Girls Anthem Coaching Website  @writermya & @girlsanthemmovement
  1. What To Do When The Goal Is Reached (Celebrating Every Step)
  2. Preparing To Write Your First Book
  3. How to Grow Into Your Goals
  4. Overcoming Distractions
  5. God & Goals – 3 Tips on How to Keep God in Your Goals
  6. "Leading By Faith" – Feat. Amajae Hardy Jones
  7. Season Finale: A Special Q & A (Delayed Answers, Still Healed)
  8. After The Trauma, Part 2