The Goal Starter Workbook Kit

  • Includes the 59-page, fillable PDF workbook covering 9 areas for you to work through so you can tap into your bravery and push past procrastination
  • Features 3 audio files with two-hours of coaching by Mya Kay, designed to coach you through each chapter
  • Chapters covered include: Work Ethic, Values, Entrepreneurship, Faith and more!

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Through her own personal growth and struggles, Mya Kay shares prayers and stories from her heart, that are meant to encourage you to war for the girls in your life. Mya Kay shares insight after each devotional on the times she herself wasn’t a good friend; times she felt misunderstood as a friend; and essentially, what her friendship with Christ taught her about the value of sacrifice in friendships, all to help get you to one place – becoming the friend you desire to have.

Mental Health Resources

Looking for a therapist to assist you as you work through different challenges in your life?

My good friend, Adreeonah Mundy, is a licensed professional therapist who works virtually with many people through her company, Being Made Well. You can find the link to work with her here.