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About Girls Anthem

Vision: To help women and girls pursue destiny without compromise

Mission: We equip women and girls with the tools, resources and wisdom needed to go after their life’s mission without compromising their identity in Christ

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The Podcast - Coming Soon!!

The Girls Anthem podcast features discussions on God, dreams, purpose and healing all from the living room of Mya Kay. Join us every Sunday to hear fresh content on ways to bring God's truth to your world. Nothing deep. Just down-to-earth talking with a whole lot of holy and a little bit of hood. Let's go. Available on all streaming platforms. Date: TBD


Christ Saved. Philly Raised. Temple Made. In that Order...

Mya Kay is a leader, best-selling author and ambitious woman of God using her story, creativity and wisdom to bring God's truth to those assigned to her anointing. Girls Anthem was created to help build purposeful girls and women by investing in their spiritual, mental and financial well-being.

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