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Mentorship Call

A one-on-one experience that will push you further into destiny

It's more than a call. It's an EXPERIENCE...

My purpose is to provoke women to better, not comfortable. Feeling stuck regarding the next steps in your business, your book or your faith? Set up a call today.

If you desire to...

  • Partner with a coach that can help you cultivate your gifts so you can walk in purpose and passion;
  • Have a clear understanding of your "why" and your "what" so that it pulls you to work on your goals daily;
  • Have a fire lit under you to accomplish the ONE THING that you've been putting off since before the pandemic even hit (wink, wink);
  • Have a go-to starter kit that highlights key thoughts, emotions and mindsets that keep you from moving forward, and...
  • Have tailor-made strategies that will help you stay focused on purpose and Christ consistently

Then, book your mentorship call today!

This 60 minutes will change your life.

What's included?

  • One, 60-minute experience where you get to ask whatever questions you have and receive tailored strategies
  • The Starter Kit Worksheets (to be completed before the call)
  • Moving forward blueprint (emailed within 24-hours after session is completed)

Before Your Session...

Please fill out the form below to help guide the coaching call.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I need to reschedule after scheduling, what should I do?

Mentorship Calls are $225. Before purchasing, please be sure you are ready to work with me one-on-one. You can reschedule if something comes up or you have an emergency, which we do allow once. After rescheduling once, if you have to cancel, you can receive a refund, minus a $60 fee for holding up a space on the calendar that could've gone to someone else. Please get in touch if you have any questions before booking a call.

How does appointment scheduling work?

When you've completed purchasing you'll be able to login to your coaching account and can find out the next steps required to book a time for your appointment from there.

What if I want ongoing coaching after the call?

At this time, I'm only offering mentorship calls, however, on a case-by-case basis, I will evaluate whether multiple calls are needed and may construct a custom plan (3 calls max).

What past clients are saying...

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I had the privilege of working closely with Mya when I embarked on the journey of launching a new project. She demonstrated exceptional expertise, guided me through the intricate process, and helped me develop a robust business plan that laid the foundation for my venture. Her unwavering support and preparation were invaluable as I navigated the challenges along the way. Mya's dedication to my personal and business success was evident in every interaction. I wholeheartedly recommend Mya to anyone seeking a knowledgeable, supportive, and results-driven professional who can help you turn your entrepreneurial dreams into reality.

— Kirbi Smith, Fitness Coach, 2023 Business & Life Coaching Client (IG: @iamkirbi)

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Mya is AWESOME! I have learned so much from these coaching sessions and assignments. Her professionalism, along with her coaching style, has made me fall back in love with my story. I know we’re living in very trying times and money is scarce for many, but this is the best time to invest in yourself, as well as to share your story. I would definitely book future services with Mya because you get more than what you pay for. She's very easy to talk to, open-minded about your dream and she allows you to ask as many questions as you need. Our sessions are recorded, which comes in very handy for me because I don’t feel rushed to take notes. Professionalism, Price and Recorded Sessions is a WIN-WIN.

— Tammy Demens, Writer, 2021 Writing Coaching Client (IG: @Td3mens)