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These teachings features several hours of audio content meant to help guide you as you navigate the business world and your goals. Each teaching will leave you with gems, wisdom and a better understanding of the topic highlighted, which includes scripture based teaching. Teachings included are:

-    How to overcome setbacks

-      How I stopped Procrastinating

-      Why I stopped Procrastinating

-      How to Reach Your Goals Faster

-      How to buck against the system when conquering your goals

-      What to do when the goal is reached (celebrating every step)

-      Friendship Goals

-  How to Build Multiple Streams of Income with Ease

-      How to grow into your goals

-      3 Ways to Overcome Distractions

-      How to keep God in your Goals

-      How to move in a saturated market

All teachings are intergenerational.

Please note: All of these recordings are from previous episodes of podcasts that are no longer available to the public. The offerings or ads in these episodes are no longer available. There are a few episodes that were pulled over from YouTube and may be a little lower in volume as far as the recording, but turning up the volume will work just fine. The meat of the message is still there.

No refunds for all digital products. If there is an issue with a recording, please let us know promptly upon downloading. Thank you!

You will get the following files:
  • MP3 (28MB)
  • MP3 (37MB)
  • MP3 (30MB)
  • MP3 (28MB)
  • MP3 (33MB)
  • MP3 (29MB)
  • MP3 (36MB)
  • MP3 (51MB)
  • MP3 (43MB)
  • MP3 (31MB)
  • MP3 (34MB)
  • MP3 (42MB)