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Girls Anthem Prayer Call - April 7th

Girls Anthem Prayer Call

Girls Anthem Prayer Call, Sundays @ 7 pm EST


Starting April 7th


There isn’t a cry that God doesn’t hear. One of the relationships I value the most after my relationship with Christ, is the one with my mother. While we’ve had our shares of ups and downs throughout the years (she didn’t kill me y’all...can we praise The Lord right here saints? LOL), the closeness we walk in today is because of constant prayer, unconditional love and submission to God.


I want to invite you all to join me on Sundays at 7pm, starting April 7th, as I pray with mothers and daughters. Regardless of your relationship status with your mother; or whether you were raised by a matriarch that isn’t/wasn’t your biological mother; and regardless of where you stand in your own mothering journey – THIS CALL IS FOR YOU.


I’m praying for you even now, that as you read this and receive this invitation, that you block out the noise of the enemy trying to convince you of all the reasons why you SHOULDN’T get on the call. This is for women and girls, regardless of the dynamic of your relationship status as a mother/daughter. Even if you’re going through a hard time with your mother/daughter right now, and you fear she won’t accept this invitation, YOU get on the call. She can join you when God sees fit. Don’t make this about anything other than obedience to God and watch Him show up for you!


Check out the flyer details below and be sure to share with all the women you know.


Please sign up for Girls Anthem’s email list here. I’ll be sending all reminders and info regarding GA from there.

Blessings and Love, Mya Kay

Girls Anthem Prayer Call